Friday, May 1, 2009

Spiritual Incline

I hear that my post times are sort of ridiculous, and often that is true, but God allows me to get by on a little less sleep sometimes and so I am just lying in bed thinking about things, so it's time to share.

This morning I was thinking about the fact that I have heard our current time/situation termed as "The economy", "Economic down turn", "Collapse of the economy" and probably many more if I had to think about it. But I was thinking that maybe I should start using the term "Spiritual Incline", or "The collapse of Idolatry". I would be referring to how I am viewing life, not how others may be viewing it.

For sure I know that there are people, friends of mine, who are in some really tough times, as you may have seen by the comment on yesterday's post, but God is at work in every situation either drawing us closer to Himself or allowing us to walk away. Maybe, for many, this time is a sort of spiritual fork-in-the-road, as it sure has been for me.

I was talking to a friend last night and we were talking about her friend whose daughter is still struggling with cancer and just some of the things that go with that. Apparently "dad" is still looking for answers, but God doesn't promise us answers and if we knew all that was coming, every day, and in every circumstance, we would be overwhelmed and trying to change it all around before it gets here. I am not big enough, nor smart enough, to handle that kind of pressure. So God gives me what I need for today and keeps the rest to Himself until I am ready for what He has next.

Can you imagine if we had known about Grant's event even the day before it was going to happen? There would have been no way to change it, so we would have been worried, we would have planned, the fire department wouldn't come here any sooner and it would have done no good for any of the situation to be changed in even the smallest way, as HE had everything covered. I don't really want to know what is coming, but I do want to know that I am spiritually in the "best shape" I can be in, so when He does take us through trials I will be more ready.

We need to pray for each other, build each other up with the Word and in prayer, encourage each other and pray that God would work mightily in each of our lives and that we wouldn't withdraw from Him in these times, but draw close to Him, as He is our only Refuge. I don't use "only" in a less than adequate sort of way, but rather that there is no better place to be kind of way.

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