Thursday, April 30, 2009

God's Providence

Matt. 10:30 But even the hairs of your head are all numbered.

I have been listening to some sermons and reading some commentaries and was struck by the fact that God's providence is in big things and little things.

I think of big things as Creation, planets moving, hydrological cycles, jet streams and those types of things. Often I don't think too much about God's providence in the little things though. Creation is big, but what about every single little bug? Planets moving, but what about tiny little rock off of each planet that stays with it? The seas are big, but what about every rain drop, and fog, that makes up the whole of the cycle? Jet streams are huge, but what about every little twist and turn they make to carry tiny particles of dust from one side of the earth to the other?

Think about Jonah. Jonah decided he was going to do exactly the opposite thing that God told him to do. Why did he get on that particular boat? Why did the others decide to cast lots? Why did it fall on Jonah? Why did they decide to throw him over board and why right at that time? Why was there a great fish under the boat at the exact time, big enough to swallow him, but not chew him up? How did he survive in the belly of the fish for 3 days? How did the fish know to go to Nineveh? Why would a fish travel hundreds of miles and then throw himself onto the beach to off load Jonah? Too many coincidences for sure.

God is not just sovereign over big things, He even knows the number of hairs on our heads, which really doesn't matter even to us. If He knows and cares enough to keep track of those kinds of details; if He has perfect timing; then shouldn't we just trust Him in every circumstance of our lives and know that He will work it for our good and His purposes?

So when you have a flat tire, know that God has you right there, dressed as you are, rain or shine, early or late to your next appointment; He has control over that and everything else. I hope I didn't just cause myself, or you, to have a flat tire, but if it comes, God has a reason for it.

It's hard to imagine a God who can control all those details, for all these people and for every animal and plant as well, but He is big. OUR GOD IS BIG! Do you believe it?


kellym said...

So on the way home Adam call's me and says he is on his way to see a good friend because they are closing up shop tom, they also are in the same boat we are. Which shocked me because they had everything you could imagine. But I get home and read your blog and its true when you say we are just renters and these are gods things. Right now he thinks its the end of the world, this friend and I was pretty down also but I read your April 28th blog and I really liked that one. You are a true friend that always knows just what to say. In your first posts when Grant was in the hospital you said God put you on this plant to be a dad but I think he also put here to be a great mentor! Thanks Kelly

Ryan Hall said...

Good stuff here, and best for the soul.

My mind has been pondering over His providence also. It was good talking with you tonight, and I look forward to more talks in the future.