Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heavenly Minded

Last night in One28 one of the senior guys had the opportunity to speak to the group again. This is a great privilege and I hope that it will go a long way to their spiritual maturity in the future. He spoke on Heaven.

I believe there are many people who think they are going to Heaven that certainly are not. They live lives unto themselves, but think they are good, in and of themselves, and that God allows "good people" into Heaven. In the last day they will be sorely disappointed and eternally damned for not following Christ.

I want to address the other side; those who will be in Heaven. I think so often we are settling for lesser joys here on earth that we don't think about how amazing Heaven will be. Think about how good your day would be today if you personally had no sin to deal with, no curse on your work or your child birth, no others around you with sin, and your day was consumed with praising God perfectly. How much better does that look than what your day is going to look like today?

I must confess that I think more about the "to die is gain" part than the "to live is Christ" and I think Christ calls us to be balanced. But I also think that there are many who don't think about how great it is going to be in Heaven and they are just stuck here on earth thinking about how amazing life on earth is. There is nothing here that will come close to what Heaven will be like, except when we are reconciled sinners, confessing and repenting of our sins and in communication with the Savior. That freedom and joy is unlike anything else here on earth and just a taste of glory divine.

Pray that God would give you a taste for Heaven. May we live in light of eternity today, sharing the good news of what joys will be missed for eternity if we only live for today. Hell is real, but so is Heaven. Hell is to be feared, but Heaven is to be treasured. How will the hear without a preacher? You very well may be the only preacher they hear.

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