Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cross Contemplation

Teresa and I were talking yesterday about the fact that no one had commented back on the Easter Tradition post. I told her that I wasn't surprised as I don't think there are too many, who would be reading this blog, who have been raised with much in the way of Easter traditions.

I was raised in the church and I don't remember any traditions in our family, or in any other family for that matter.

I am not disappointed by the lack of comments, but am resolved to have a tradition in my life. Whether the kids pick it up, from me starting so late in their life, or not I'm not sure, but I will move forward anyway.

I think the best thing we can do is to truly focus on what this time means, both in a focus on Christ's death on the cross and victory over the grave. This meditation has been good for my soul this week as it has kept me much more focused on the cost of winning my soul. Prayer has followed closely behind the meditation, as it is hard to really think about this week's significance and not be humbled and grateful to Christ. My heart has be filled to overflowing with gratitude, and I think that is because of the time spend reading the Word and really thinking about the cost.

So, I want to encourage you to make the time to slow down, stop, dwell, linger at the foot of the cross. Think about what this beautiful, scandalous cross means to you today. How can we rush by the cross, especially this week, and not be changed? The cost is too high to just brush it off. Make some sort of new tradition in your family this year that will help you focus on the cross, the tomb and the triumph of Christ. Not so you have a tradition, for the sake of a tradition, but so you are better able to worship.

When Christ was sweating drops of blood because of the impending agony of taking on my sin onto His sinless self, that should cause some measure of seriousness in my week. When Christ says that He lays down His life willingly, knowing the true cost of His life, verses the value of my life, that too should cause some incredible thankfulness in my heart. His sinless life, for my wretched heart, is not a fair trade.

It is hard to take the candy and bunnies that are so prevalent every where you turn. What do they have to do with Resurrection Day? What do they have to do with the cross and the cost? The world is trying to forget what this week is about, and candy and bunnies apparently help keep their minds distracted. I don't want to be distracted, I want to be attracted to the cross.

Lord, give me a passion for You and Your Word; for Your people and the lost. The cost to You was so great to win my heart, may I never lose focus on that cost. Thank you for being willing to lay down Your life for mine; for being willing to pay the price for my sin. There are no words to express the debt that I owe. There are no works I can do to repay You. I have a need that only You can supply, and that need is You. May I give myself back to You in whatever way You desire and may I give myself fully to the task that You have for me. May You be glorified in my life; I don't really know how that is possible- that You would be glorified in one like me- except that You show off Your power in taking me from dead to alive; from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. May I be truly alive in You, my living Head. Thanks for being willing and able to do this for me.

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Leila said...


Even though I was raised in the church, we had the typical tradition of Easter Egg hunts and going to a concert. I want to do something more representative of what the day is really about. It seems we have many of those options for Christmas, but not Easter. Anyway, let me know if you have any more thoughts.