Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pride Prevents Prayer

Last night, at our staff meeting, we talked a little about prayer. As we were talking, I could not help but think that in the times I don't pray it is mainly because deep down I think I have it covered and I don't need to bother God with what I have going. Meaning really; I am no longer seeing my dependence on Him. Meaning really really; I am too proud to ask.

This is so wrong, in so many ways. How can I think I don't need the help of the One who created me? The One who sustains the entire universe can't be over valued as an asset. The all wise, all knowing, Wonderful Counselor is willing and available to come to my aid with wisdom and guidance and yet I, who have no real clue about anything, am too proud to ask?

If this were any other form of business or personal issue and this resource was left untapped others would say "you're crazy", but since we are man and He is God it is over looked, yeah verily; "why would you ask God anything" is more often the thought. This is a sad state of the condition of our hearts and the hearts of our friends.

All this to say; pride is what keeps us from seeing our dependence on God; keeping us from being on our knees begging. I also believe that lack of discipline plays a part, but if we truly see our utter dependence the discipline part takes care of itself. If I know I have no other place to go to get out of something, it won't matter what time of the day or night I need to be at the source, I will get there. The problem is that I don't normally/naturally see that God is my only Refuge and Strength.

Jesus understood the importance and power of prayer and if there was ever one man who would not need to pray, it would be Jesus. But He prayed all the time. If the Creator of the universe and the very Son of God, in human flesh, saw prayer as a necessity, then for sure I need to be praying all the more.

Father, take pride away from me, let me see my utter dependence on You, let me see Your hand at work in and around me so I will be encouraged to go to You more each day. Bring victory through doing things Your way so I will desire Your direction. Keep me off of the throne of my heart and may I find joy and rest in having You there, as it is Your place of honor. Let no other idol take Your rightful place. Keep me hungering and thirsting after You, causing me to see my need of You all the more. You want this for me. You love the humble and contrite of heart and it is only by Your grace that I will desire to be this way. Please do this work and be glorified through it.

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