Monday, April 6, 2009

Jesus Cleanses the Temple

There had to be a huge buzz in the air, as so many were following Jesus by now. The Jewish leaders were all trying to figure out how to get rid of Jesus, and quickly, since they could see that He was very different from them and they didn't want to lose their influence. The Father had it all worked out; they didn't need to plan anything more than He had already done. All they needed to do was give in to their sinful hearts and the rest would be history.

What a Day this would be. Prophecy fulfilled as Jesus cleanses the Temple. Can you imagine what the leaders of the synagogue were thinking when Jesus runs them out? What were the "regular" people thinking as they watched Jesus do this? They had to have been confused and delighted as they saw their leaders, who had put so many burdens on them, confused and irritated with Jesus, and yet delighted, because maybe this Jesus could be different from their present leaders.

The money changers may have been thinking, "Who does this Jesus think He is anyway? Taking away our profit center. How dare He do such a thing?" They were so lost in their traditions that they couldn't see the True Lamb that was standing right in front of them, as they were trying to sell their sacrificial animals.

How deceptive our hearts can be. Having eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear until the Great Physician comes and opens them and allows us to know the Truth. Were it not for grace we all would go the way of the leaders and the money changers.

After this, what was the rest of the day like for Jesus and the disciples? What was the conversation over dinner that night? Jesus was only going to be with them a couple more days, in the flesh, and they really had know idea what was going on yet. Were they talking politics while Jesus was teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven? Their thoughts had to be on where they would be positioned, and Jesus knew what was to come for them.

Christ knew the price He was going to have to pay in just a few days. The weight of the world's sin was going to be on Him. The Father would turn His back on the Son. He knew all this and yet He proceeded with the Father's plan.

Amazing Love,
how can it be,
that thou my God,
would die for me.

Thank You Father for Your great love toward us. You devised the plan to take away our sin, even at the cost of Your Son. Thank You Jesus for submitting to the will of the Father, that we might have life, and life more abundantly, in this world and for all of eternity and thanks for leaving us the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us, to be our comfort and strength that we might endure this world. What an amazing plan to save Your enemies and make us friends.

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