Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Live Holy

I was reading on the Shepherd's Fellowship site and came upon some good fodder from Dr. MacArthur. The posts are under the heading of "The Power of Living a Holy Life" and are well worth the time to read them both. Don't get side tracked into the Song of Solomon debate, at least until you have read the "Holy Living", as I think if we are truly striving to live holy and set apart from the world, that debate will take care of itself, for the most part. As always, Dr. MacArthur is excellent.

"What is our primary message to this world about God? Do we want the world to know that God is omnipotent? Omniscient? Omnipresent? Immutable? Sovereign? Eternal? The Creator and the Sustainer of the universe? Yes, we do. But by far the main attribute of God we want the unsaved to understand is that He is a Savior."

"To convince a man God can save, I need to show him a man He saved. To convince a man that God can give hope, I need to show him a man with hope. To convince a man that God can give peace, joy, and love, I need to show him a man with peace, joy, and love. To convince a man that God can give complete, total, and utter satisfaction, I need to show him a satisfied man. When the world sees people who are holy, righteous, peaceful, joyful, and fulfilled, they see the evidence of God’s transforming power."

This is a link to the site.

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Ryan Hall said...

Thanks for the link, and sharing. I will have to check it out.