Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today, and only Today's trouble.

Matt. 6: 34 "Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

I have been doing a personal study on the Sermon on the Mount and have been reading through a few commentaries to get different perspectives on it. I started with the Beatitudes, but have jumped ahead to the "Do not Worry" section, which I will probably have to read through more than any other section. I know it's cheating to jump ahead, but I think I need to hammering.

An interesting point that one of the guys made was concerning this last section. He stated that it, obviously, does no good to worry in the first place, and it is a sin, but he added that God gives us grace for the trials of today and only for today. We should not dwell on, or worry about, yesterday's "mistakes", as we can't change them, but we should also not be worrying about what mistakes we will make tomorrow or what trials might face us tomorrow, as we only "have 12 hours in today" and then today will be over. Focus on the decisions you need to make today with the grace and wisdom God has provided for today and then put your head on the pillow and sleep. God's grace and mercies will be new and sufficient tomorrow for whatever He decides to bring tomorrow.

I have a hard time with this, not so much the yesterday issues, but tomorrow's and even today's. It seems the women have a much harder time dwelling on past mistakes and event and have a hard time letting go of them, where possibly the guys are more focused on the tomorrows.

God can change the hearts of kings and He can work in our hearts that we might trust and rest in His care for what is coming.

I like the story of John Wesley, when someone ran up to him and told him his house was burning down. He said, "It can't be". The man replied, "I just came from there and I saw it on fire". Wesley, "It can't be my house, because I don't own a house. I live in a house owned by God and if He wants to burn down His house, then that's ok with me". Good perspective.

ALL we have is on loan from Him and we are to be good stewards while He allows us to use them. Try to return them in better shape than when you receive them, but remember Who they belong to.

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~Kim (and family) said...

Hi Chuck. I laughed about the birdfeeder and you thinking it was some sort of play thing in our yard. Funny.

Alison is having her ups and downs. Thank you for asking about her and praying for her. I was telling my husband about your comment on her blog...and he said, "oh, yeah, his daughter Kimmy." I didn't realize he was also a reader of your blog...but he knew who you were right away. Neat.