Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blanketed with Blessings

I can't give all the specifics of these events, to protect the privacy of others, but I want to relay a couple of stories that really touched my heart recently.

Something happened to me that really showed the Father's personal care for me. Teresa and I had wanted to go to an up coming event, but because of the cost of the boy's Europe trip, we decided we should probably not go. We get to do some really fun things and so if we have to miss an event here or there we still are blessed much more than we deserve.

Reluctantly I emailed the person in charge and told them we were going to have to decline this time around. Here is where the tender heart of a loving Father steps in. The person in charge emailed me back and said that they wanted us to come so much that they would cover the cost of us going, if we would reconsider attending.

We were trying to be joyful in not going and God honored that with an amazing blessing. Time and again He just blows me away.

The second story comes by way of Kimmy and a trip she took a while back with some friends.

They were all traveling and one of the gals had told the rest, "I need to stay back, but I would love for you to purchase me a blanket while you are out. Here is the money, you pick the one you think I would want."

The group goes out and she stays back, but the circumstances apparently changed and she was able to get out and do a little shopping. As she was looking in the stores she found the blanket that was exactly what she wanted, but she had already given her money to the others and there was no way to contact them.

Her response, and the Father's blessing, is what is so great. She just said in her heart, "Father, You know what I would like to have and I will be happy with whatever You have the girls bring back. If it is this one or not, I will trust You". When they returned they had picked the exact same blanket as she had seen.

He is so kind to us, so much more than we deserve. How can we not trust Him for the greater things when He is so faithful in the smallest of things? There was no NEED for Him to have the group find the exact blanket, but He was just showing His care for one of His children.

I think we miss out on a lot of the blessings of these kind of events, when we don't share them with each other. We need to tell each other of His goodness. Don't keep your blessings to yourself.

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