Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Day that Changed all of History and Eternity

Resurrection morning comes and the birds are singing outside, though it is not really light yet as the rain is back.

What was the weather like this morning in Jerusalem? Was the sunrise like no other before or since? Were birds singing more audibly this day? For the disciples it would be a day they would never, including all of eternity, forget.

The Sabbath must have been a day of much mourning with a sense of failure; they had believed this Jesus all along and now He was gone. Had they followed their hearts too far? Was He just another prophet? He couldn't be whom they thought He was, since now He was gone. Back to the old life they knew before; fishing, serving others; but what about Matthew? What was he going to do? And Nicodemus? Oh but that would be answered soon enough.

Off to the tomb the ladies go. Surely they are so discouraged it can't be put into words. Were they talking on the way there or just crying? The Passover had come and gone, they had their "last supper" with Jesus and then He was gone; crucified on that horribly cross. Their mourning would be the first to be turned to joy.

Were the mens minds back to their work by now, or were their heads still spinning thinking about all that had just happened? How is it that Jesus only lasted for a few hours on the cross when others sometimes lasted days? What was that whole Temple curtain thing all about?

The ladies arrive and the stone is rolled away. They were trying to figure out how they would do this, but it was already done. That must have been strange. "Oh well, we need to do what we came here to do; let's get to work". Into the tomb, but where is the body? We know He was here just a few days ago; who has moved Him? Did someone come and steal His body? Why would they do such a thing?

Whoa, who are those 2 really bright guys? "Are we in trouble?" Their questions and their fears would soon be answered and they would soon meet the Savior in an entirely different form. Jesus must have looked so much better than when they had last seen Him that they couldn't recognize Him now, as they thought He was the gardener. But He explains the whole thing to them and they go to get the others. Now what was their conversation about; what was their mood? Were they even talking or were they going so fast they were out of breath?

They arrive were Peter and John are and a footrace ensues. To the tomb they go and John wins the race, but doesn't go in. Peter will not be stopped by a tomb; he barges right in. Whoa, the women were right; He isn't here. Did someone steal His body? Is this some sort of prank by the Romans?

But by the end of the day, this glorious Resurrection day, their questions would be answered and their fears would be calmed.

The 2 walking on the road to Emmaus talking to each other about what had just happened and sad by the outcome. But as soon as they had their eyes opened, they were no longer sad by the outcome. Jesus told them it was necessary to have this happen exactly how it did and now they were allowed to understand.

Dinner with the 11 must have been amazing, after Jesus opened their eyes and hearts. Can you imagine being there the second He was passing the bread and BOOM they were allowed to put it all together. What joy! This is Jesus; He is alive; He did exactly what He said He was going to do.

What a world changing day this proved to be; not just for them, but for all of man kind. He did conquer sin so that we might have joy in this life and the life to come. He conquered death so we would not have to fear death and so we could have eternal life.

What a plan. What a sacrifice on His part. What a triumph. What a future. God is so Good and we are the recipients of His goodness.

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