Friday, May 15, 2009

God is Good

It's been a crazy year or so for me. As I look back, on what seems like yesterday, to Grant's event and now anticipate him going to state in golf, I am truly amazed at God's goodness to me. He didn't have to bring all these events into my life, but because he did my heart is drawn to Him all the more. It's hard to explain to people how "bad events" can really be good; how trials, that seem so hard while we are in them, bring fruit into our lives that we would have never had without those trial.

As I consider what God is currently doing for Priceless Granite it is also truly amazing. We will finish this month very close to even, YTD, with our YTD figures from last year, same months. In 2009 that is almost unheard of, especially in the housing sector. BUT, God is big, and He can do whatever He desires with all of this stuff. The amount of businesses that are even with last year is such a small percentage it makes this all the more mind boggling. Trust me when I say that God hears our prayers and He answers; not always the way we want, but He is quite capable of going far above what we can ask or imagine. He has in this case. Thanks for praying.

Past the financial aspect God has also done much work in my own life this past year. At the beginning of 2008 I did not have the same attitude toward business and life for that matter as I do today. God has truly brought me low to see some of His purposes for my life. When we are humbled and forced to look at life the way we should, with an eternal perspective, there should be a drastic change in our hearts. Not that I think that I am Paul, by any stretch, but think about Paul's conversion and the change that God brought about in his life, literally in a flash. When God calls us to Himself our following should be evident to those around us.

I know, personally, in the earlier part of this year, as I was contemplating whether God would allow PG to go on throughout this year, I just finally had to give up trying to control things I could not control and say to Him, "If You want to take this all away, and I end up with just You, I'm ok with that". Until we are truly willing to give it all, whether or not He wants to take it is His choosing, we will not enjoy the fullness of joy that comes from letting go. He wants our hearts to be solely focused on Him and our affections to be Him. Until that time, we have other loves on the "throne" and He is waiting to take His rightful place.

This is not to say that this is easy, nor is it nature. It is also very easy for our sin to knock Him back off, if we don't kill our sin daily, but the joy that comes from the fight to keep Him there is worth it.

Pray that He would work in our lives to desire to have Him first in our hearts.

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