Saturday, May 23, 2009

God and Worms

As I prepared to go on a walk this morning and thought about tired hands and feet, sore muscles and joints, and I hadn't even started to walk yet, I knew that I must get out and just do it.

Creation this morning is both visually and audibly loud praising its Maker. Birds singing as they go about their daily task of gathering food, with no thought for what will happen this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Flowers come alive as they display His handy-work not knowing that they are here today and gone tomorrow. I am quickly reminded of both His faithfulness and promises to me, in such abundance.

As I walk along the road I see the struggles of a small, insignificant worm. It apparently started to cross the road a little too late, as now the sun's warmth is drying the road and the slippery creature is drying up at a faster rate than it can travel. Speed is not its strength. I don't think most people would consider me too sensitive, maybe more after Grant's event, but I reached down to pick it up and throw it into the grass.

Strangely it struggles against my gloved fingers, like it could help itself off the road. If I don't pick it up and throw it in the grass, it will soon be dead, but it doesn't know the touch of its "rescuer". I ignore the "fight" and pick it up anyway and now it is feeling the refreshing coolness and moisture of the grass as it gets re-hydrated.

As I walk off from the worm there is now a visual reminder of what God has done for me. There is infinite separation between my low estate and the worm, and also God's high estate and me as a "rescuer", but I think you can get the picture as I did. God sees me struggling to get across the road of life, pursuing things I have no business pursuing. He allows the struggle as long as He sees fit and then when the time is right, though I struggle against the Savior, He still reaches down and rescues me. If it were not for His saving hand I would be dead, yet for some reason He saw fit to breathe new life into me and bring me to the Fountain that never will run dry.

His care and provision for His children is immense and amazing, yet often I want to go back to the dry road to see if I can make it over yet again. Lord keep me pursuing You and what You would have me to do. Don't let me ever forget where I came from and Who it is that saved me. You are great and all of creation will sing Your praise today and forever.

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