Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Happy God

I was listening to J. Piper yesterday, as I drove to some appointments, and was struck by something very simple. I think this simple thing is going to take me a long time to work through though. "If I love God, what can I do to make Him happy?" If I say that I am a Christian, and I would, and I say that I want to live my life for Him, and I would, then what, if anything, can I do to bring delight to my Father?

When you have a best friend, or when you want to be a good child for your parents, you will try to figure out what they like, or what brings them joy, and then you set out to do it. Since God already owns everything and He is lacking nothing, is there really something- or somethings- that I can do/be to make Him happy?

If I am able to bring joy and delight to my Father I want to do that. What will that look like? What do I know, for sure, He will delight in?

Before I start to answer that question I must take more time to think about it and process. If you have already thought about it and have an answer you are welcome to post away.

When I am done here on earth I want Him to say "Well done", and I need to be thinking more about that than I have been.

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~Kim (and family) said...

I think He would be pleased that I loved His Son. He would be pleased that when others looked to me and saw great things, I would be pointing to Christ. And He would be pleased that when I sinned, I ran to the cross, and showed others how to do the same.