Friday, October 30, 2009


"Utter weakness in ourselves; we should be overwhelmed at the immensity of the work before us, were it not that our very insufficiency gives a special claim to the fulfillment of His promise, My grace is sufficient for you; My strength is made perfect in weakness". Hudson Taylor right before going back to China-age 33.

Daily I am reminded of my inability to do what it is that God has placed me in charge of, let alone the burdens that He has recently placed on my heart for the various needs and pain around the world. What can I do? Will it really make any difference?

Only if God is the focus of the work. Only if He is the delight of my heart and the One who gets all the glory for the work He is doing.

I have been praying that He would work in such a mighty way that in every case there would be no way for people to say anything about the situation except that God did that. I don't want to gain from the work that He does.

I got to see that first hand yesterday as I took documents into the bank. Earlier this year it was difficult to get the LOC paperwork through the bank and this time they are loving what is happening at PG. How can this be in this economy? God is at work and HE apparently wants us to keep going. We are not having any gigantic months or even increases over last year, but for us to be doing even close to what we were doing last year is only by His grace and provision.

God is good and He is working. Please keep praying that we might rest in His care. It's hard to imagine that He cares for our every detail and has the power to turn what others intend for our harm into good.

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