Friday, October 16, 2009

Who is your demo?

In advertising- like radio- there is a thing called demographic, or demo. The demo is who- what kind of person- is listening to that station. Some stations are 12-21 year old audience. Some are 25-54. Some have a small house hold income, some large. Some are highly educated, some are generally not. Each station has an audience that is listening, and a demo that makes up their audience. The music they play draws that type of audience.

Generally a political talk show has a higher HH income than the hard rock station. Generally a talk show has a longer TSL- time spent listening- than does a music station. Every station has a place in each market. None are "better" than the others, they are just different audiences.

I was listening to a sermon the other day and have been thinking about an illustration that the preacher- Alistair Begg- gave.

We are to live our life as if it we are song that others would want to hear. When you hear a song and you like the melody, then you start to listen a little harder to the words to see if you like them as well. If we don't like the tune, we generally are not going to listen to the words. If our lives are to be a song, then what key would they be in? B natural.

This seems a bit of a cheesy way to say it, but think about it. How often do we want to be something we are not? We want to be more theological, or we think we have to be a better evangelist before we can talk to someone about Christ. Really?

God has made each one of us EXACTLY as He sees fit. He has equipped us perfectly for the work He has prepared for us to do and that includes evangelizing the people we have an influence on each day. I don't have the influence you have with the people you do and the opposite is also true.

Does God want you to be like me, or me to be like you? No. He wants us to be-natural- and live for Him; talk to the people He has put into our lives the same way as we talk to them about every other thing; that is why you have a relationship with them.

If you are a very quiet person and generally sweet, will your sphere of influence listen more if all of a sudden when you talk about Christ you start talking like John MacArthur? For sure not. They will look at you like, "Who is this wacko".

Don't try to be someone else. Be the person that God has made you to be, be Spirit filled and be natural so those who like the kind of music that you are will listen to your words.

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