Monday, October 5, 2009

The Love of The Holy Spirit

“Perhaps much of our slow progress in the walk of faith is to be traced to our overlooking the love of the Spirit.

We do not deal with Him, for strength and advancement, as one who really loves us, and longs to bless us, and delights to help our infirmities (Rom 8:26). We regard Him as cold, or distant, or austere; we do not trust Him for His grace, nor realize how much He is in earnest in His dealings with us.

More childlike confidence in Him and in His love would help us on mightily. Let us not grieve Him, nor vex Him, nor quench Him by our untrustfulness, by disbelieving or doubting the riches of His grace, the abundance of His loving-kindness.”

—Horatius Bonar, “The Holy Spirit”

While in Ethiopia I had a chance to visit with the head of the orphanage there and also a man that they call the evangelist. I believe they are both strong believers and so it was encouraging to talk with them about their faith and God's work in their own lives.

Through the conversation one of the things that came up was the work of the Holy Spirit. They pointed out that we serve a Triune God and that their impression of western Christians is that we often don't listen to the Holy Spirit's voice. We have God's Word to read and follow, but how can we follow if the Holy Spirit does not illumine the Word and enliven our hearts to follow?

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit are all three equal parts of the Trinity and we must not over look the love and work of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives. Often I am quenching and grieving Him and thus limiting His ability to work in my heart and life.

I am not interested in some sort of tongues, miracles, experiential type of Christianity as much as I am looking to give honor and submission to all three Persons of the Trinity more than I have previously.

For me, Bonar, a long time ago, was right on in my lack of love for the Holy Spirit. I must view each person equally and uniquely in their roles in my life.

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