Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Dominator

I'm at work and the phone is not ringing today, which I guess is good, if people are remembering why we actually have this holiday, but I would guess that is not the case for most.

Concerning "dominion taking": If our main "job" on earth is to bear His Image, and He has called us to take dominion over the things He has given us to rule over, then are we really doing that in the best way we can?

What would it look like to be a dishwasher who worked to God's glory and took dominion over the entire arena of washing dishes? There would be no complaining that we had to wash dishes. There would be no "lowly dishwasher position", but rather, with enthusiasm, "I am a dishwasher". And with that exclamation would come the attitude of worship while working to be the best dishwasher you could be.

I remember being a dishwasher, a long time ago, and my attitude was turned around when the waitresses told me that the boss had to wash dishes when I was gone, and he couldn't keep up. That meant they needed me to do a great job, and I was valuable in the position, even if that was just cleaning pots and pans. If I had been a Christian dishwasher, with that attitude, giving the glory to God for why I washed dishes, then the world would be able to see that there is a difference because of Him.

So as you take dominion over your part of the world, in the task that God has for you today, remember that He has ordained all our work for us, He gives us the strength to complete the task, and we are bearing His image as we work, relate, visit, sleep, eat and revel in His goodness.

Revel in Him and the gift of His Son.

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