Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What will it be Like?

With all the sparkling snow in the trees and on the ground, God is showing off His ability to decorate for Christmas, and He's really good. But if God created everything for our enjoyment, for all of our senses, and He created us as individuals, then what will it be like in Heaven?

Some love the snow, some don't. Some like it hot, some like it moderate and some like it cool or cold. So what will the temperature be in Heaven? Will there ever be snow? Will there be beaches to rest on? Will we need rest as we know it, or will we just rest like God rested on the 7th day? Will we be able to smell how fresh Heaven is, since there will be no more dieing there should never be a bad odor. Will our eyes be so fixed on Jesus that there is no need for anything else that is beautiful? If so, then why does the Bible talk about the beautiful stones? I like that part. I get to see beautiful stones a lot, but these stones will be perfect. I can't image stones more beautiful than what I get to see, and I know they will be better. Lapis Luzuli is also known as sapphire and there will be beautiful blue and green stones all over, Rev. 21, and the walls will be such pure gold that they will look like glass.

What a day that will be, when we get to see Heaven, but God is so beautiful that will we want to look at Him, more than the glories of Heaven.

So; snow or no snow, smells or no smells, season, beaches, colored leaves, clouds, and everything else we either really like or don't like, God has it planned out and He gets it right every time.

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