Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still the ONE after 25 Years

25 years ago today a girl who had lived within a 2 mile radius said "I Do" to me. I'm not sure she really knew what she was getting into then, but she has been to a lot of places now and moved more than her share.
I can't believe Teresa is old enough to have been married 25 years. It has really gone fast.

When we first met she was pretty quiet. For those of you who know her that seems crazy. Over the years she has gotten more comfortable with who she is and is consequently a lot more fun.
We have moved from Chehalis to Tacoma then to Hood River Or. then to Arlington and now we live in Lake Stevens. We have traveled to Tokyo Japan, Sao Paulo, Rio, and Salvador, Brazil, Paris and others cities in France, and many cities in Italy. For a girl who was excited about stepping into Idaho, well it seems ironic. When we travel she often says, "Can you believe we are in...?"
She is a great traveler, though not a great navigator. She eats almost anything and doesn't mind the heated pace I set when going abroad for business. She a great traveling companion.

She has been a friend to many, a great mom, the fastest weeder I know. She can clean a room up so fast it will make your head spin, but she can also get so distracted that she has 10 things going at once and doesn't have time to finish any of them. She often says, "I can't believe it's this late already". She likes to weed in the evening, so I got her a head lamp a few years ago, because she complained it got dark before she was finished.

She has really grown in her relationship with the Lord. We both are pretty confident that God has brought us through Grant's event so we would be more prepared for the future.

I love this girl I'm married to. Happy 25th Anniversary Teresa


skh said...

Really, congratulations to both of you. Thanks for sharing your marriage and family with our local Body. We're better because of it.

Chuck Weinberg said...

I often wonder if we are really demonstrating what a godly marriage looks like.
Marriage truly is work and we certainly have our share of faults, but God has been good to continue to shape us, and I hope and pray that others will be able to see that we are more in love today with each other, because we are more in love with Him.
Thanks for the encouragement.