Monday, December 8, 2008

Fathers be good to your daughters

I haven't addressed this topic before on the blog, but recent events have made it clear that I need to speak out.
What is it that daughters are to do when they are done with high school? Are daughters supposed to follow the way of the world and go to college to gain more education so they can become "better"? Are they supposed to be ready to not be married, or are we/fathers supposed to train them the way that God has lined out in Scripture?
I can find no verse that directs me to send my daughter to ANY college. Though this is counter cultural, women are to be workers at home, Titus 2.
So what is the best way for a young woman to be trained in being a woman at home? The older women are to train the younger women. If this was truly taking place in the church there would be absolutely no need for our girls to go to college and run up a gigantic school bill to hand to their husbands and a wedding present.

If the older women were training them here, at home and at church, then "home-ec" would be taking place right in front of us everyday, without them leaving the local church. But sadly, this is not taking place. The older women are buying into the idea that they need to be working outside the home and consequently there is no time for them to disciple the younger women. If they are to have the gift of singleness, then can't they be trained in disciple-making in the local church?

Yes, there are lots of things a young woman can learn away from home, but not all of them are good and none of them are directed in Scripture. Discipleship, working at home, loving children, being respectful, submitting to authority and everything else that they are to do and be are all best able to be done right here at home and in the local church.

My job is to train Kimmy the way that God has instructed, and try to keep my own opinions out of the mix. If we do precisely what God lines out for us to do, and don't try to throw our interpretation into the mix, He will bless us. If we add to the text then we will find ourselves in a generation of very mixed up individuals.

For those of you who may disagree with me, please respond with a verse from the Bible that says something contrary to what I have posted. I am only interested in following God's directives on this subject.

By the way, I also am not concerned if others think I am crazy, because I am the one responsible to God for the direction that I lead my kids. I also have no issue if you want to do something different, because in the end, I am not required to give an answer for other's children, only my own.

God is good and He is proving Himself faithful even in issues like this. Follow His Word and He will make your way prosperous.


cwblogger said...

so what impact does this have on you as a business owner?

cwblogger said...

So do you think it is a sin for women to work outside the home? Or is it a preference issue with which all fathers must wrestle?