Friday, December 12, 2008

Now I'm having fun!

For those of you who know me you will not think this is strange. For those of you who don't know me, you will think I am strange; which is probably true.

I got to do something really fun yesterday. I had a really crazy day, going from work to Bellevue, to Everett, to Lynnwood, to Seattle and then back to Marysville. When I went to Lynnwood I wanted to stop by Nordstrom and see a couple of my friends in the men's furnishing department, just to say "Hi" and to see how they are doing. When I got there Jose, who is 71 and still working selling clothes, I like that for more than 1 reason, was out to lunch. Jason the dept. manager told me he would be back shortly, so I figured I would wait.

While I was waiting, looking at the ties and generally just making sure everything was in order, I was standing in front of this table and a man was standing across the table looking at the ties and our eyes met, so I asked how he was doing. He told me he had an event to attend that evening and he needed a tie to go with a black suit and a white shirt. Now I'm having fun:)

I asked him a few stylistic questions, and told him I was confident we could find something that would work great.

We continued to visit for a couple of minutes while I was doing some selecting, and then I told him, "Just so you know, I am more than happy to help you with this, but I actually don't work here". He was pretty surprised since I had a full suit on and pretty much looked like I did work there. He said that as long as it was ok with me, he was fine with that.

I picked out a few tie and then I told him I needed to get a white shirt and black jacket on the lay out table so we could see how they looked and he could make his selection. We narrowed it down to the best one and then I asked him, for the 3rd or 4th time, "does the price really matter"? He assured me that it didn't so I told him I wanted him to look at one other tie I had seen but didn't bring out. I brought it over and told him I liked this particular one best, but it was expensive. He said, "That's ok, I like it the most too". I had Jason bill him out, we exchanged info and talked just a little more and he left.
Jason said, "I thought you knew that guy". I said, "I do now".

There are so many opportunities to be a light to this world, we just need to do it. I am confident that God will bring Mike Smith from Edmonds back into my life somewhere down the road.

You also have opportunities to be a light to someone, so just smile, have fun and see what doors God opens up for you to share your light with someone who is in darkness.

I didn't share the Gospel with Mike yesterday, but all the people at Nordstrom know I am a Christian and have read this blog, and you just never know what small thing will have someone ask you just the right question.

Don't hide your light under a bushel. Don't run right past your divine appointments. And, coming from a guy who is known for being fun(NOT) have fun.

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