Sunday, December 14, 2008

What's BEST for me

I hope you all know that all this talk about worrying is mainly directed first at me, with the hope that you may in someway be encouraged along the process.

As the snow gently falls outside, adding to the existing white layer covering everything I can see, I wonder what it must be like for God to know, and do, what is best for everyone on earth. I can't even figure out what is the one best way for me to go, and yet God somehow knows that snow is best for me and PG right now, with all of the busy schedule we are trying to get installed to help cash flow...Yet in His sovereignty He KNOWS it is best for us to be right here, right now.

I am reminded that either Moses had an incredible amount of faith or he would have been thinking much the same way as I do. Imagine finally getting Pharaoh to let His people go and then knowing that you are being chased by the ones who just had let you go, after all the crazy things that had happened to the Egyptians you would have thought that they wouldn't want anything at all to do with them, and Moses comes up to the deep water of the Red Sea, with Pharaoh's army behind him. OK, that is bigger than what I am looking at right now. I think that God wants us in the "impossible situation", so He can show us, and then later on remind us, of the fact that He can do the "impossible".

Though this is taken out of context, Matt. 19:26 But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." The context is of being born again, but it is true that there are many places in our lives where there is no way for us to get through, BUT with God ALL things are possible.

SO the people who really need the snow right now are, the ski resorts, the tire guys, the people running the snow plows, apparel and board sport companies. These people and I'm sure many others are looking outside and thanking God for bringing the snow, if they are praising rightly. Those of us who would like to be able to drive more easily are potentially wondering why it has to snow right now. The answer is, it is best for me right now. God knows best for everyone of us, and He does not withhold any good thing, Ps. 84:11 For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.

So think about that. Everyone on earth has an entirely different need and yet God is wise enough, kind enough and powerful enough to make sure that everyone gets exactly what they really need, when they need it. So when the snow falls and the EMS people can't get the ambulance through, to get someone back to the hospital quickly, and they either don't make it, or the outcome is not as "good" as it would have been with clear roads; God knows and He gives what is best.

SO back to Moses and the children of God; knowing they were headed right for the water, knowing the army was right behind them, knowing if he didn't do the right thing more than a million people were going to die, and yet he led them right to the impossible place. Because of Moses' faith and obedience, thousands of years later I can look back on the impossible and know that God can, and does, do the impossible.

What's your "impossible situation" today? What is God trying to show you in this circumstance? If you are worried, are you looking at Who He is and what He's done for you and others in the past, or are you looking at the circumstance? Take heart, for if you are in the impossible place, then you are exactly where He wants you to be and He know exactly what you need. Make sure when you come out the other side that you praise Him rightly.

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suziannr said...

I started reading this blog to pray for your family as your son wasgoing through the trials with his health. I kept up through the subsequent days because it was encouraging to watch your family stand in faith through those trials. I enjoyed the trip through Italy and now I have been grown in Him watching you wobble then stand firm in your faith. Thanks for sharing and encouraging your sisters and brothers in Him.