Saturday, December 27, 2008

Work vs. Rest 6 to 1 ratio


In Genesis God gave Adam and Eve the command, and the example to work 6 days and then to rest on the 7th. God didn't need the rest, as we know rest, but He wanted to set the example of 1 day a week being set apart for Him. This is to be a day to remember who He is and what He has done for us.

In Exodus 16 God gives the command and Moses sets the example of resting on the 7th day. It is interesting that God provided for His people's needs in such a tangible way. It is also interesting to me that manna was provided for only a portion of the 6 days, when it got warm the manna melted, but on the 7th day God allowed the manna to last the entire 6th day and into the 7th day without melting.

Even though this is a narrative, God telling us a story as it happened, there is much to be learned from it.

1. God promises to provide for His people, even if that means just the next meal.
2. When God sets the rules, it is best to follow those rules. He can make worms grow in your "abundance".
3. God hears our grumbling, whether it is audible to others or not.
4. God expects us to be a thankful people. We have been given way more than we deserve, and if we complain we should be ashamed.
5. God has written these things down for us that we might remember His care and faithfulness for His children.
6. God is still faithful even when we are not.

It is good for us to be reminded of how ugly it is to be ungrateful for His provision. It is easy for me to read the OT accounts and think, "Those Israelites just didn't get it, God has just delivered them and they are already complaining", and yet He has done the same for me.

Am I thankful for even the smallest of gifts? Am I following God's plan? Am I grumbling about His provision?
Much to consider.

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