Monday, June 15, 2009


I was talking to a few friends of mine about the condition of the Church in America. I, personally, am dissatisfied with the passion and fervor of thel church, though I know in comparison to many others in America our local body is much farther ahead than others. But I am not interested in comparing one against the other, but more evaluating myself and our local church up against the Word.

Jesus had much to say to the Churches in Revelation and for the most part it wasn't good. But in all that He said I don't think His directive would have been start another church, as much as pray for, and work toward, revival and reformation in the one you are in.

I like change and I know that it is often easier to start completely over than to rip portions off to try to rebuilt. Like America today, I think we need to get back to the basics of what God has intended His Bride to be. Fellowship, edification, equipping for ministry and life, being together to do these things, rather than meet for a few hours once or twice a week and then go back to our own lives.

I am not suggesting living in communes, as much as, living in unity, giving preference to one another; sharing more of who we are and what we have with others. There are so many gifts in the Church that don't get used, because people are holed up in their own little worlds just concentrating on themselves.

I want to be challenged and encouraged to grow more. I want my kids to see passionate leaders pursuing Christ like He is meant to be pursued; from me and others. I want us to be a light on a hill and salt to those around us. I think this is what Jesus wants for us.

That is not going to come just by moving to another church, or starting another church, but by working on relationships, both vertical and horizontal, and doing and saying the hard things, but that is loving our neighbor as our selves.

The spiritual gifts that God has given to each individual body are to be used for Her edification and growth. We need to practice using these gifts and we need to get back to our first Love. We don't want to be luke warm believers, like those who were in Ephesus. Ministry and Christianity is hard; there are trials and we will be fighting sin until we are in Heaven, but we must fight for our joy and help others to fight for their joy as well. That might mean that you have to say something hard to someone you really care about, but say it, do it, live it.

Stay the course.

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Jennifer said...

If anyone is interested in why Cary is starting a church (besides it glorifying our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) you should give him a call. He would love to talk with you personally.