Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Pray

Summer is here and we all have longed for the weather to be nicer, as the winter was long and dark. With summer comes vacations, camps, picnics and parties, graduations, weddings and a host of other things that can draw us away from our pursuit of Christ. None of these things, in and of themselves, are bad, but if they distract us from what is important, Christ, they become idols.

Please pray for one another that our walks would be stronger than ever. Pray for the students that they would continue their quiet times and that their love for Christ would grow rather than diminish this summer. More free time does not generally equate to a closer walk with the Lord, but often it does equate to wasting the days away.

Please pray for Priceless Granite as when people leave to do vacations and those kinds of things, sales fall off pretty quickly. Pray for signed contracts and good leads to work. Pray that people would like to use our inventory rather than have us pricing material from other suppliers. Pray that God would give us safety as we work and wisdom to know what to do in each and every situation.

Pray that we would love the Giver more than the gifts. Pray that Christ Bride would be unified and that each one of Her members would be passionately pursuing the Bridegroom. Pray that there would not be hypocrisy, that we would desire relationships that keep us closely following Him. Pray that for others and for ourselves.

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