Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Stirring" still Brewing

I have been thinking about my last post this entire week and am even more stirred up to talk about the subject.

I do not ,completely, have all the gifts the Spirit gives to every believer. For example, there are probably a few people, including me, that would say I have a lot of room to grow in the area of mercy. I truly believe I have grown in this area, but I need more work.

If there is a believer comes to church who is really in need of mercy and I, because of my sin nature, lack the grace to be as merciful as is needful, or maybe I don't even see the need, how will this person be ministered to, if that exact right person stayed home? They won't.

This is not acceptable. We are to irritate each other to love and good deeds. In 2 Cor. 7 Paul is talking about not being really excited to have to write a letter and scold the believers there, but that he would gladly do it, if that meant their grieving would bring about godly repentance.

We need to bring ourselves and others to a grieving toward godly repentance. We need to be asking each other "Where were you on Sunday? I missed you." Again, there will be times that we are away from the body, but this should be the exception rather than the rule. It should be our joy and greatest desire to spend time with the saints. We are going to spend eternity with them, so we had better practice getting along now.

I know this is a touchy subject, but we need to excel still more in this area.
I would also like to hear your comments.

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bean said...

I was there! I was there! :)

No, seriously, I am still brewing as well. Thanks for the admonishment, both in blog world and staff meeting.