Saturday, June 6, 2009


I should have updated you a few days ago, but I actually, purposefully left the "Stirring" post as my top post, as I wanted people to consider the weight of our hearts longing to be with other believers in the assembly.

The month of May was a very good month all around. We did end up very close to even YTD in both sales and completed work, which is truly amazing when you consider where Priceless Granite could be in today's economy.

I would still ask you to continue to pray for both leads and signed contracts, as leads are not good if they don't produce dollars. Jesus told the disciples that they didn't have because they didn't ask, so please ask God to continue to bless this business, as He can certainly be glorified in a housing industry business that is doing very well in this economy. We can only point to His goodness when people ask where it is coming from.

Pray that we would have wisdom, as I have many decisions to make concerning advertising and inventory. Pray that we would be good stewards of our time and dollars. Pray that we would continue to be thankful and not at all proud of the place God has put us in. Pray that we would be good testimonies and quick to give Him the praise He alone deserves. Pray for safety for the staff. Wisdom for the leads and Project Managers. Most of all pray that God would be glorified in this business and in our lives. He alone is worthy of all of the praise.

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