Sunday, June 14, 2009

How's your Soul?

I have been thinking frequently this week about my own soul. The fight will not end until we reach Heaven and so until then we must always be examining and evaluating our souls to see where our focus and satisfaction lies.

My desire is to be ever thirsting and hungering for the Living Fountain and Word, but often I am distracted by life and things around me. I truly can say that He has changed me enough that I don't really want anything else, but like a child who thinks something looks good and they eat it, knowing the last time it made them sick, I still find myself pursuing things that are not what I truly want to follow after. I guess it's the Romans 7 issue. I know what is best for my own joy and the joy of others, but sometimes I still go the wrong way.

I want my desire to be for Him all the time; every minute of every day, but that is not how I live. I must remind myself all the time that He is my joy and satisfaction and my heart is filled the most when I am empty of my own desires and filed with His.

I must always bring His promises back to remembrance. I must always be filling my mind with His Word. I must always be seeking His face in prayer. I must be most satisfied in His so He can be most gloried in me. This is a hard battle; one that doesn't end in this life, but worth the fight.

Lord, make me love You as I was meant to,
May I "be" rather than "do"
Earthly pleasures always fail me,
Like You make me always be.

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