Saturday, June 13, 2009


After spending the last week in "paradise" and thinking about whether or not it really does/will getting any better than this; I certainly hope so.

I want to be clear that I am not complaining at all that our family has an opportunity to go to Hawaii, it's just that this world, as beautiful as it may be, is just not our ultimate paradise. There will be a day when sandy beaches lined with palm trees, tropical breezes and just relaxing will give way to a much more glorious time of resting in the presence of true Paradise.

In finishing my reading through Revelation this morning I am once again reminded of the fact that many are choosing today if they are going to spend a few days, weeks or months in "paradise" here and then spend eternity in the ultimate antithesis of paradise. The scenes in Revelation are graphic and those days will be filled with horror. Those who have taken the mark of the beast will be hit with so many plagues and even in the midst of these great plagues they will reject Christ. How tragic to be so blinded by Satan that they will not even repent when their entire world is turned upside down and punishment of every sort is all around them.

Today's "paradise" is no where close to what true Paradise will be. Oh that we would remain faithful, that the Holy Spirit would keep us passionately pursuing Christ until we are caught up together with Him in Glory.

It does get MUCH better than this, but only for those who remain.

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