Sunday, June 7, 2009

Praise Befits the Upright

Ps. 33:1 Shout for joy in the LORD, O you righteous!
Praise befits the upright.

Does not praise befit all mankind? Should not all men be praising God for the great things He has done? Even the unrighteous should be praising God as the sun shines on both the evil and the good.

The problem; wicked , evil people don't praise God because they are focused on themselves. The other side to that is often believers don't praise Him as we should because we are focused on ourselves.

Similar to the command to be in prayer w/o ceasing, we should also be praising God w/o ceasing. "Let praise be continually on my lips".Ps. 34:1, 71:6. Can you imagine being around a person who always was either praying or praising God? I am sure at first it would be annoying, as I would be so convicted of not being like that myself, but after a while, with some movement in that direction, I think it would be a huge encouragement; "They are always talking to God and about God".

Lord, may we delight in You so much that we can't help but overflow in unending praise for Your goodness to us. We don't deserve any of the good gifts You give and yet even as we are prone to wander and follow after things that don't satisfy, You still draw us back to Yourself and lavish grace upon grace. May we be ever thankful and may the praise that You alone are worthy of be on the edge of our tongues, coming from an overflow of our hearts. Oh for a thousand tongues to sing Your praise, but may we now be faithful to use the one You have given us.

We look forward to the day when there will be no more distractions from You and Your praise; when sin no longer gets in the way. Come Lord Jesus and take us Home to live with You. It is our greatest promise and reward to be in Your presence. I can't wait!

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