Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All we Have

I was listening to a sermon yesterday and the preacher- Paul Washer- was talking about Romans 3 and the Gospel. He said something that hit me like the statement "God is not my crutch, He is my stretcher" hit me.

A man came up to him after a sermon and said, "You're right brother Paul, all we need is Jesus" and he responded, "All we HAVE is Jesus". Think about that for a minute. All we have is Jesus. If we have Jesus what else do we lack? If when all is said and done and we have Jesus, are we coming up short in any category? On the opposite side, if we have everything we want in this world and we don't have Jesus, then what do we really have?

A short post but well worth thinking about.


Leila said...

Did you get this sermon from Ryan?? I was listening it to the other night and thinking, "Chuck would really enjoy this."

Chuck Weinberg said...

I did get this from Ryan and I have been enjoying this.