Monday, November 9, 2009

Fasting Tuesday

We are told more than once, in the Bible, that we should be fasting. Jesus said "when you fast" and there are examples of church leaders fasting when making decisions concerning personnel and where they might minister. I sometimes hear people say that we are not to let anyone know about our fasting. This is difficult to back up Biblically when in Acts 13 and 14 they fasted together for one purpose, so they must have known what they were fasting together about and in the OT there were even national fasts.

I light of those things I would like to encourage some of you to fast along with our youth ministry staff on Tuesdays from now until the end of Jan. We have our snow retreat, with the high school students, and this has often been a time of spiritual blessing for many of the students as many have come to Christ or have had their lives really changed by these 5 days. This year's theme is "Living on Unseen Things" with the "Pilgrim's Progress" as the featured reading. National speaker Sean Higgins, our youth pastor, will be the speaker. He is cringing as he reads that:) WE have an awesome youth pastor.

However much you can fast on Tuesdays would be great and please pray for both the staff and the students as we prepare our hearts for this time of spiritual battle for the souls of the students and all of our spiritual growth. There are normally about 100 people who attend.

Tomorrow, if you join us, could you also add to your prayer list an important meeting I have on Wed. Please pray that God would work in a mighty way and that hearts would be changed and drawn to Him in a new and vibrant way. I can't really say much more than this and that God really has to work in order that there would be change. He is big and He can and does work, especially when we go to Him, in our complete dependence on Him and ask for His working on our behalf.

Thanks for joining us and I will try to keep you posted with some more prayer requests as the Tuesdays roll along.


skh said...

What's really funny is that I did cringe, then read your prophecy that I would cringe. Well done.

More than that, I hope people pray. Thanks for extending the call.

Patrick Hess and Family Updates said...
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