Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was talking to someone last night and was not articulating very well the point I was trying to make. So maybe I can "say it" better here.

For my entire life I have been one who is excited about things; sports, golf, food, and more often then not, the work I was currently doing. I have plenty excitement for those things and like to share my enthusiasm with others about what I am most excited about. While I really believe that this is from God, to enjoy ones work, I also see God working in a very different way, in my life, while still giving me joy in my work.

If I am working with someone today on a design project and we are really clicking along, I am very excited about what the outcome of that project is going to be. I will be excited to see the look on their face when the everything is put in place. In my mind I can see it before it is done. But God is doing something in me that has never been there before. As much as I am excited about the project, I am often more excited about sharing what He is doing in my life and in the lives of others.

As much as I am excited about the look on their faces at completion, I am more excited when they get excited about eternal things. We finish talking about colors and textures and what stone to pick and then we go to something that will never diminish in value and never go out of style.

I don't know how God does those kinds of things but I am praying that He would continue to work in my heart and give me greater loves and affections and enable me to leave behind things of lesser value. He must do this work. In my own heart I have none of those desires and so He gets all the credit for changing me. He does the work slowly and I don't even know when it started and what sparked the change, but I don't really care about that anyway, as long as He is working.

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skh said...

It is exciting to see what most excites you these days!