Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What should we do?

Look out your window-if it is light- and see all there is that God created. Look at your hand and imagine all the is happening inside of you right at this moment. Try to comprehend the vastness of millions of galaxies and that the Milky-way is a small one.

Think about the immenseness of The flood. How did all that water get on the entire face of the earth so quickly and where did it all come from?

Think about the plagues in Egypt and the exodus. How did they know where to go and how did all that water stack up? How did the bottom of the sea go from being all mud to completely dry in an instant?

There are days the sun stood still, battles where 300 men defeated 10,000, boys killing giants, fire consuming water soaked sacrifices, hungry lions mouths shut, men standing in the furnace and no smoke smell on their clothes and that is just a few in the OT.

Then there are kings trying to kill The King but failing, water into the best wine, lepers healed completely and instantaneously, feeding of many thousands, walking on water and even raising the dead.

Why are all these things recorded for us? What is the purpose of these stories? Is it because they make nice Sunday School pictures? I heard so many of these stories, so many times, in SS and they never have impacted me more than they do today. As a little kids they are fun to listen to and I think we should still tell them but as an adult, in the middle of my own need for a miracle each minute to keep my heart beating, they are great reminders of Who God is.

The storm outside this morning makes the branches tap on the side of the house. It makes interesting sounds as it blows small objects up into the windows. The rain sporadically hits the window and then only the skylight. God's power is on display in the smallest of ways in this little storm. We don't want to encourage Him to show off His power in the form of a storm.

If you have seen the video footage from Manila you may have seen 20 foot deep water going through the streets. Maybe you have seen where the water was coming into the city, rushing furiously through buildings and houses. If Jesus were physically her on earth and He wanted to, He could have been awakened from His sleep and walked outside and stopped that storm with a word. I often forget what it must have been like to be the disciples in the boat. "Peace be still" and it was.

What does this all mean for us today? Crazy financial times, crazy weather, need and pain growing every day and no sign or promise of it diminishing. What should we do? All these stories and all the things we see around us are to build our faith. When something crazy happens to us today we must remind ourselves and others that this is the hand of God. Everything we have and are is from Him and He is the One Who created and sustains each and every living thing.

When you're tempted, as I often am, to think about the "flood" around you, whatever that flood may look like, we must think on the things that are true; God keeps His promises. He is always faithful. He never makes a mistake. He is the One Who supports us in the "flood" and His strength is made perfect in our weakness. "My God shall supply all your need" including whatever is needed to get through this storm and into the next. We must pray that He would give us faith to trust Him.

So, when you are tempted to fear or worry about what will happen, remember that the Israelites had to walk through the water stacked up on both sides of them. They only had one way out and that was the way God provided. He used that one way out to defeat the enemy, but they still had to go forward not knowing what the outcome would be.

Faith is not faith if we know what is going to happen. The only thing we can be sure of is that God provides and He is good and He will not give us more than we can handle. I can't imagine not having Him to rest in. Oh for faith to trust Him more.

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