Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hurting, Healthy Humanity

Yesterday I talked to 2 different people about the turns their lives had taken and the heaviness that was associated with those turns.

One person's child had been addicted to meth for 6 years and had finally quit "cold turkey". Their own family had 4 siblings and 4 separate dads. They told me that when they had received Christmas cards from friends with family pictures of 4 beautiful children all up skiing it was really hard to take. "I want that and I have been faithful to teach my child about God and yet I didn't ever have that", was the statement. Crying out to God in the middle of the night; wrestling until there was no more strength to wrestle and then just having to wait on the Lord to not only renew their strength but to work a miracle of allowing the child to be off drugs.

Why would God allow something like this? This person has a ministry that I may never understand. This person has faith to watch God work like few others I know. While they said they were ashamed of their complaining to God about His provision during the trial, and feeling like they were one of Job's friends, they were allowed, by God, to see Him take care of their concerns. They now can help others go through something like this and be an encouragement.

The other person was Kinder H. who many reading this will know. T and I saw her in the grocery store and she appears to be doing great. What a life God has given her and what a ministry He is allowing her to undertake. More often then not I have no idea what is going on in the lives of those around me. I believe God wants us to be connected more closely to those around us, but I have to be paying attention and actually want to connect. That has to come from God, as it is not natural for me to be like this.

Pray for these people; people whom God has given unique places and circumstances to minister in ways many of us can't. The holidays are difficult times for many people; broken homes, kids not walking with the Lord, family members who are no longer here, all these things are difficult to go through, especially w/o the Lord. May we be a light in their lives to share the Goodness of God.

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