Monday, November 23, 2009

Privileged Citizenship

What would it be like if the President of the United States were coming to your house? If he were coming tomorrow; what would today look like for you? Would today look different than yesterday? Let me see if I can get some of the things down that might happen.

You might purchase a new outfit; you do want to look your best and this is probably never going to happen again. You certainly would be cleaning more frantically than you did yesterday; you don't live in the White House, but what you do have needs to look as good as it possibly can. What will he want to eat when he comes? What if you make something that he really doesn't like?

Then what about his political views? You certainly don't agree with all he is doing in America, or the rest of the world for that matter. Should you complain about his foreign policy? Should you complain about his health care program, or should you just be thankful for the privilege it is to be a US citizen? Should you give suggestions on how you would run all that he has to run, even if you don't know as much as he does? Would he actually listen to your points since he knows you don't know all that much?

For sure he has checked out your background and he probably knows way more about you than you do about him. That might be strange; knowing that he probably knows how much is in your checking account and the people you called this morning. He will bring his people with him and you don't really have any "people", except your kids. The neighborhood is going to a traffic mess and the local and national news is going to have a field day searching out everything you have ever done and sticking it on some show; making it sound like you are some crazy person. Don't they know you are just some ordinary person? Do you really need this grief? Is it going to be worth the hassle in the end? Maybe you should not have invited him in the first place; now your going to be a target for every news reporter around.

Snap out of it; he's coming and you have a bunch to do before he gets here. You must look good and you need to at least appear as if you have your act together.

OH, just kidding- he's not coming.

Now stop and think what it would be like if the King of kings were coming to your house. Oh wait, He is there all the time. Maybe He is so familiar to us that we don't remember how special He is. Maybe we complain about His plans, even though we have no idea about what He is doing and we certainly don't have the understanding he does. Is He special enough to us that we make a big deal about being a citizen of His country even if there are things that we don't necessarily like about His policy? Is being connected with Him bringing suffering to us, or are we just flying under the radar so no one knows we are His people/ If too many people know then there would be all those people taking shots at you and your kids.

If I were the King I wouldn't allow all this pain, and I would make sure everyone had what they needed. If I could control the weather I wouldn't let droughts happen or earthquakes and tsunamis bury people alive. Should I bring up my disagreement? He brings His people with Him- angels- and they are wondering why I not more thankful for what I have been given.

The King is accessible to us every moment of every day. He is special, whether we give Him the place of honor or not. Why do we act as if there is no royalty in our midst? Why do we take for granted the privilege we have? Why complain when we have no idea what He is doing? Why second guess His motives? Why do we not ask when He has the power and portion to fill our poverty?

The privilege is ours, given by the King for His glory, and we must be thankful for all that we have and not take any of it for granted. Is your house ready?

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