Friday, November 6, 2009

Last Minute Provider

God seems to have a similar method to the way He does things. I am not trying to say that I have God figured out because He is way to smart for me to even begin to do that, but it seems that He does have a pattern at least on the way He provides.

Example; on Tuesday one of the guys and I were talking about how we-PG- only one side of next week's schedule filled up, which would mean that we were going to have to let a few of the guys take next week off, as we generally install with 2 teams each day. When we have people with signed contracts that doesn't mean they are ready to go and there were just not many who were ready to go.

I told him that it is difficult to wait on God because it seems like He always waits until the last minute to fill the need. In the Hudson Taylor book there are countless times when God provided literally almost to the minute of when the need had to be met. God did that again at PG. We started out with 5 jobs on the board and yesterday by the end of the day we had 9. He is good.

Remember the Israelites standing in front of the Red Sea? The water was not up 3 days before it needed to be up. The lions in the lions den weren't vegetarian lions. There was not a feast for 10,000 people waiting when the disciples were hungry and so were the people- it was provided one person at a time as they broke off the food and past it around. God provides The way of escape in the necessary time and in the necessary way.

Knowing this pattern- last minute provision- actually makes it harder and easier to trust. Harder because you have to wait until there is no other way and it is totally up to Him which requires a lot more faith, easier because as we see this pattern and we see that He always provides what is needed we can just wait until the last minute and expect Him to provide.

He is so kind. Please keep praying that He would find favor to bless us and pray with thanksgiving for His provision.

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