Friday, November 20, 2009

Little Old Lady

Yesterday was one of the craziest, roller-coaster, kind of days I can remember in a long time. I can't really list all that happened here, but I do want to relay a story to you that I think will encourage your heart.

Amid the phone calls and trying to figure out what direction I should go, with regard to all that was coming my way, I called my parents and my mom was telling me what is going on in their lives on the other side of the state. She then asked me if she had ever told me the story of the little old lady who was praying for her. I said, "I don't think so".

I need to give you some background before I start the story. My mom was born to missionary parents in Japan, and was raised there. Her mom was also born and raised in Japan as a missionary kid. Her dad's parents were missionaries to China. Grandpa's name was Timothy Pietsch and he was a missionary to Japan for more than 50 years. She has been around missionaries for her whole life. My mom's name is Sally Sue, but grandpa always called her "Suzy".

When she was in her mid 30's she and my dad had gone to a church, I am not exactly sure why they were there, in Canada. They were living in Washington State at the time. While they were there a little old lady came up to my mom-whom she had never met and had no idea her name- and they were talking and this lady said, "I pray for the missionaries every day". Mom has heard this kind of thing before and she apparently didn't respond as enthusiastically as the lady would have liked and so she said it again and then she added, "I pray for a missionary in Japan named Timothy Pietsch. In fact, around 30 years ago, this man was going across America speaking in churches and he asked everyone in every church he went to to pray for his daughter Suzy Pietsch and I have been praying for her everyday day ever since". My mom then said, "I am Suzy".

This little old lady had been praying for my mom, because grandpa had asked her to, for 30 years. What can we do? Often people say, "The only thing I have left is to pray", or something to that affect, but prayer is our first and greatest weapon, not our last resort. Mom told me that as she is aging she is awakened more often in the night and she just prays when that happens. We need to encourage our elderly to pray for Christ's Bride more often, as they generally have more time. We should all be praying w/o ceasing. God works when He hears the hearts of His people begging Him to work. How's that going in your life?

I am finally realizing that it is not as good for me to be really busy, as this is a tool of Satan to keep me away from the throne of grace begging for His mercy.

A short list of requests;
His continued provision for PG.
Agency work for Ethiopia and provision for the children.
Shaping of our local Body.
Wisdom and direction with so many things that are beyond my own understanding.

Please Pray.

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