Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dark and Lonely

"I have come to believe that a Christian leader's greatest mentor are the dark, lonely times in which God marks our souls with that profound sense of our need for Him." Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.

I don't think we often praise "Dark and lonely times" as great mentors. But I am certainly learning more in these times than I have in other, more "bright and sunny" times. There comes a time when we finally realize we can do NOTHING w/o Him. It's a hard road getting there.

He works all things together for our good, even darkness and loneliness.

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Ryan Hall said...

I would agree that the dark and lonely times are more better for my soul then the bright and sunny times.

You have to go through the valley before you can climb the mountain.

And yes, how awesome that God does work all things for good. We may not know it in this life, but no matter what my soul rests in Him!