Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Follow God

I just finished reading 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 and 2 Kings and I am hit with the fact that most of the rulers of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord. I am not sure how many generations these 2 books cover but it is quite a few. God changed some hearts along the way and allowed a select few to do good in His sight, but so many were evil and God punished them for their evil and generally all the people with them.

What should we learn from this? Does God always bless the nation that walks after Him? Not always, but it does seem so a lot of the time. He lets us go for a little while and then He brings judgment.

Oh may we be the ones who are known for walking in His way so the people around us would be free to worship rightly. May we walk in such a way that our children want to follow after our godly example and stay next to the Truth. Oh that our children and children's children would have a generation of godly fathers to follow and then follow.

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