Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Where are you?

Did all you bloggers give up? I look everyday to see what God is teaching and showing you and there are so few posts. Is blogging "old school" and I have missed the new thing? It does really encourage my heart to hear what you-especially 128 people- are learning. Don't let this busy time of year crowd out the reason for this season. Just trying to encourage your hearts a bit.

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bean said...

I haven't given up, I promise. :) I have lots of posts brewing...many things keep me from posting some of them...but Noah is pushing one out of my head at last, I think. When skh talked about a 5 month storm and 7 months of waiting, those numbers struck ridiculously close to home for Cal and Hallie's pregnancies. A post is in the works. Maybe. :)