Sunday, December 6, 2009


This morning SKH talked about Noah's time in the ark- around 1 year. Can you imagine being in the ark for an entire year? Thoughts of our dark, dreary winter days and night; and we have lights and windows and there are days of sunshine.

After the ark came to rest there were months of waiting for God to give the word to emerge to the world outside of who knows what. Noah had to wait and then wait some more. God didn't tell him what was coming and He didn't give him any promises to tell him what was coming either.

I so often want the answers of what might be coming. I think I want to know what might be coming- how bad or good it will be- but I really probably can't handle knowing anyway. Life around the flood, before and after, was hard, much harder than I have it and Noah still persevered.

I want so much to be a man who waits on the Lord, but my flesh is SOO weak. Building faith takes time and the process is painful but this is what I am supposed to be waiting on. May He change me into His image and give me the grace to continue to trust His work. He never gives more than we can handle though often I feel like I must be very close to the limit. I must not look at the load but look at the One who is able to carry it.

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