Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wool Socks

I woke up this morning and it feels a little cold in the house. When I say "a little" I actually mean it is maybe a degree or 2 colder than normal, but it is by no means actually cold. It is not nearly as cold in my house as it is outside, since the thermometer says "26".

I heard someone say the other day that because of an experience they had they are going to give wool socks to homeless people. That got me thinking.

I try to keep a couple of energy bar kinds of things in my truck all the time- sometimes I eat them and sometimes I give them to people standing on the corners with signs. You know those people. They are often the people I don't really want to look at directly. They are the people that we say, "They are probably not homeless at all, they're just too lazy to work". Maybe. Maybe there are those who will spend their money on booze, but maybe they are actually really needy.

Suggestion: do you have an extra coat that you don't wear often or ever? Do you have extra socks that are just making your drawer too hard to open? Do you have a third pair of gloves that you haven't worn since 2002? How about hats? You get the idea. What if in our vehicles we had a bag of those kinds of things that we could give to those who were standing on the corner? Is there a way we could do that and incorporate the Gospel?

Help me put feet to this. Give me some ideas of ways that each one of us can make a temporal and an eternal difference at the same time.

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