Thursday, December 24, 2009

Special Gift

A friend of mine got me a cd of Andrea Bocelli and we were listening to it last night in the house. Teresa made the comment that his voice is so high and that he sings so effortlessly. What a gift God has given him to be able to sing. Not all people are given voices to sing beautifully and I think that in some cases that is because they would not be able to handle that praise that comes with such a gift- but it is a gift.

Not that there has not been an abundance of work that has gone into exercising the voice and practicing for countless hours, but it doesn't matter how many hours I practice my voice will never sound like that.

When T made that statement I immediately thought about how effortlessly we are able to do things when we are doing it in God's way. He provides the strength and ability and it fits perfectly into who He has made us to be as His child. He has planned all that we are to be in this life and when we follow His leading it should not be like pulling teeth to get up and do our work each day- we are where God wants us to be when we get up and "get to go to work" each day.

It will be interesting to see where God takes each one of us in this next year.

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