Monday, March 1, 2010

God's Kind of "Funny" like that

So, this morning I gave the update on PG and asked you to pray that God would keep our machinery running so we would not have to spend extra money. So here's the result of your prayers and God's work.

I knew that the crane guy was coming to work on one of our overhead cranes. So here is the back side story. Last year the crane mysteriously stopped working. We had a crane specialist come to the shop and the diagnosis was that the hoist itself was not repairable and it would have to be replaced- $7500. Well we decided that we could get by with just one crane for a while.

A while after that another crane guy came by and told us that he could do the same job for half the money- still $3800.

Last week the other crane decided it was time to stop working so now we had to do something. The new crane guy brought the hoist and went to work. He took down the hoist and out up the new one and tried to get it to work. He worked and did everything he knew how but couldn't make it work. Then he figured out that he had brought a 460v motor and we are running on 208. Our production mgr. told him that we really needed this to work today and then asked if he could get the correct motor today. "Nope, none available anywhere close".

This is where God works all things together for good. Since the new motor didn't work our PM asked if he could look at the old motor and see if there was a way to fix it. "Sure- I'm already here". So he tears the old motor totally apart and finds nothing wrong- zero- zilch. SO he puts it all back together again and it works perfect. We think the bill will be $500-ish.

I guess God figured we didn't need that crane last year and had to make it a little adventurous before He would allow it to get fixed.

I always pray that He would things so that when it is all said and done that there would only be one answer for the solution and that would be Him. I think that is what happened today. He is good even if He does keep us on the edge of our seats trying to figure out what He is going to do next.

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