Monday, March 1, 2010

PG update

The Seattle Home Show is now over and we tear down today. Over all the show was much better for us than it was last year but God has to take those contacts and bring them to PG and then turn them into clients.

When I think about how much advertising we do and then talk to people who live within 10 miles of us who have never heard of us I am amazed. It's obvious that God is the best "advertiser" that we have, as He is the only One Who can make sure people hear our message when we do advertise.

Closed sales last week were closer to the norm and it would be nice if we had actually signed more up, but we are working as hard as we can and God has to move people to sign up.

We have the Everett Home Show this coming weekend and so it will be interesting to see what God does in this one.

Please keep praying that we would have the clients God would have for us, that we would walk more by faith and less by sight, that we would be thankful for what He does bring, that He would keep our equipment running so we don't have to spend dollars unnecessarily, that I would have wisdom to know what to do in each situation and that we would be quick to tell others about our great God. God is good and thank you for your prayers.

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Bekah said...

I am super excited how God provided for your crane needs and how He provided that special material that you needed for the job! Once again we are reminded how God keeps His promises!! I will continue to pray that the contacts made at the home show would turn into immediate sales/jobs for you guys!