Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Purpose for a Purpose

Do you ever look forward to something so much that you can't sleep the night before? I have a friend who is a serious fisherman. Even though he has fished for years I would guess that he still can't sleep the night before he goes fishing. Maybe for you it's not fishing, maybe it's camping, a quilting show, grand opening of your favorite restaurant, going to Disneyland, Black Friday- whatever it is, you are eager to get at it.

Did you wake up this morning eager to get at whatever God has for you today? Do you love your job opportunity so much that you have a hard time sleeping? Are you so excited about what God has for you today that you wake up thinking about it? Col. 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.

"Whatever" actually means whatever. It doesn't say if you are in "full time ministry"- we are all in full time ministry. It doesn't say if you like what you do and you happen to get paid for it. It doesn't say if you like your boss or even if you actually get paid- it says, "Whatever". So if your job is on "Dirty Jobs" that is whatever. If you are a mom of 15 infants and toddlers- that is a whatever. If you are the CEO of Toyota right now- that is whatever.

I know lots of people who don't like their job but I think one of the problems may be that they think of what they are doing as a job, rather than as a platform of ministry opportunity. God has each one of us in THE place He wants us. Think about that- THE PLACE. I know a guy who works for Safeway as the "bread guy". He is so over flowing with grace in his stocking the bread that almost everyone who knows him calls him "Smiley Bill". He's the bread guy. That isn't too glamorous or even important on a worldly scale- but he is not on a worldly scale.

He has a platform that I don't have and he is using it for God's glory. You have a platform that your pastor doesn't have. You have a platform that God gave you specifically- you might translate that word platform for talent. Remember the parable of the talents and the master was happy with the way 2 of the "servants"- that's us- used their talents but He was angry with the 3rd one and sent him into eternal destruction?

How are you using your talent/platform for God? Are you excited to use that platform today or are you trying to jump off your platform onto another one? Do you think that being a missionary would be a better platform than the one you are on? Aren't you a missionary where you are right now?- and you don't even have to go to language school.

I think if we truly believe that we are working for God- in our work- that we will be much more satisfied in that work because we will understand that He prepared for us to do this work from eternity past and He knows exactly what He wants us to do. He planned for us to be here right now, doing exactly what we are doing, created us to actually be good at what we are doing and He gives the strength and the wisdom to do it-AND He never makes mistakes.

He put us where we are on purpose- for a purpose. Are we excited about His purpose?

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