Friday, March 12, 2010

Post on a Post

SKH posted on his blog about being cynical. Very good post and reminder.

I hadn't really thought about cynical people until I got a little older and started to see more people this way and I never want to be this way- it's a horribly sad way to live.

I met someone this past year who only trusts one person in the entire world- everyone else is out to get them. I know they have probably been wronged by others, sometimes intentionally, but if this is the result then who really is being hurt by all that they won't let go of? This person's life is filled with many good things and they can't enjoy them because they are too concerned that someone else might be there to take advantage of them tomorrow.

We need to think about the love of God and how He works ALL things together for our good- even, and maybe especially, our pain; even if it brought on intentionally by others. The pinnacle of victory for all of humanity was a very intentional crucifixion of a perfect man. Perhaps there is no greater "God works all things together for our good" moment in history than that time and Christ was perfectly capable of getting out of the situation if He so chose. He could have been cynical but He chose to say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do".

Life is hard and then you die- another SKH saying, and if we go through this life thinking it is supposed to be easy and everyone is supposed to treat US really kindly then we are going to be both disappointed and probably cynical.

I have wronged so many people in my life, some intentionally and some unintentionally, and for that I am sorry- I have had the same done to me. I can't allow those hurts to ruin the rest of my life- I must forgive and move on. This may be harder for the girls to do than it is for the guys, but this is not a gender commentary.

It is helpful to remember that God is on His throne, His arm is not short, He sees, He knows and He cares. We must leave these things up to Him and rejoice that He will come again someday and make all things right.

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