Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rehearsing God's Goodness

I just returned from Italy and am back at work today. Yesterday was a long day, as when flying west you have to make up the time change, so I had a 33 hour day. But when considering how they used to travel- by boat, or horse- this was a really fast trip.

Italy was good and we are putting containers together to ship here. It's always good to see what they have that I haven't seen or that is moving more briskly for us.

While I was gone the team here really put together a nice sales week and I believe that God is going to allow us to have our largest sales month since Jan. '08, and if today goes well it may even be better than that. Regardless of the numbers God as really blessed us these pass few months with many sales and how can we help but praise Him for His work on our behalf.

With that in mind- I am struck by the fact that in both Moses' and Joshua's life, when they knew they were going to die, they got all the people together and verbally rehearsed all the amazing things that God had done for the children of Israel. They had verbal tradition to pass these stories on to the generations that followed and that is what they used. They were faithful with what God had given them and even though we have so many other forms of passing God's faithfulness on, we must not lose this form.

Reminding others of what God has done for His people should never get old and should always be on the fronts of lips. We must be quick to praise Him for what He is doing today and for what He did yesterday.

Thanks for all your prayers on our behalf and please keep it up.

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Jim said...

Thanks for the update, Chuck. We do tend to forget God's goodness and need to be reminded. I'm learning that calluses on the knees is a good remedy for calluses on the heart.