Friday, March 26, 2010

Internaional Business

I'm currently in Italy looking for more exciting material. I am traveling w/o T and while there are always times in marriage that it is difficult, I do miss her when I am out and she is home. We do have some awesome partners here in Italy who take very good care of us with regard to our slabs. Just very nice people to have as partners.

PG is having another good week w/o me, which is awesome. I will give you an update tomorrow for the week.

Please pray for the situation in Ethiopia. While I don't know all the details it does sound like there in more corruption going on there and this is so discouraging. Without God to protect the kids they are defenseless and we can only rest on His promise to care for orphans. Pray for wisdom on the human side and pray that He would quickly come to their aid.

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